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Extinction Rebellion threatens to blockade London City Airport

Police throw ring of steel around London City Airport as Extinction Rebellion campaigners launch battle to shut it down for three days in ‘Hong Kong-style’ mass protest

Extinction Rebellion: 92-year-old arrested as climate activists prepare for ‘Hong Kong-style’ occupation of airport

Thanks to Extinction Rebellion, we’re experiencing a climate culture change

Extinction Rebellion is on the right side of history, whatever you think of the group’s style

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Real danger behind Extinction Rebellion that needs to be exposed

Extinction Rebellion: Johnson calls climate crisis activists ‘uncooperative crusties’

Boris Johnson calls Extinction Rebellion activists ‘crusties’ who live in ‘hemp-smelling bivouacs’

Boris Johnson slams Extinction Rebellion’s ‘nose-ringed crusties in hemp-smelling bivouacs’ amid fury at police for failing to stop eco-mob shutting down swathes of London despite 280 arrests

Extinction Rebellion London – Boris Johnson calls eco-warriors ‘crusties littered in the road’ as protesters cause commuter chaos and shut down huge parts of the city

Boris slams Extinction Rebellion ‘Maggie was green YEARS before Greta Thunberg’

Margaret Thatcher was ‘green and revolutionary’ long before Extinction Rebellion protests and Greta Thunberg, Johnson claims

Extinction Rebellion: Call centre worker joins lawyer, vicar and ex‑deputy head to fight for the planet