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Hong Kong protests: up to 800 trapped as police lay siege to university

Police fire live rounds to clear Hong Kong campus

Police storm Hong Kong Polytechnic University after stand off with protesters

Hong Kong: Police storm university campus held by protesters after all-night stand-off

Hong Kong: anger mounts after police shoot demonstrator during morning rush hour

Hong Kong protester shot at point-blank range by police officer in shock Facebook Live vid as chaos erupts

Hong Kong police officer shoots masked protester at point-blank range in shocking encounter broadcast on Facebook Live as chaos erupts after the city’s 24th straight weekend of anti-Beijing protests

Hong Kong protests: Police shoot protester point blank with live round as tensions erupt

Facebook Live captures chilling moment police shoot protester

Hong Kong protests: bring back app or risk ‘complicity’ in repression, Apple told

Hong Kong leader forced to deliver key address via video after lawmakers protest

Hong Kong families left broken and divided after months of violent protests

Furious Hong Kong protesters burn LeBron James jersey over free speech comments

Hong Kong protests: first charges brought under laws banning face masks

If we burn, you’ll burn with us, say Hong Kong’s ultra radicals who want victory at any price

First Hong Kong protesters are charged with wearing masks after they were banned under emergency law following three days of violent action

Hong Kong protesters devise face-covering hairstyle to get around mask ban

Taxi mows down demonstrators who then beat driver in street

Violence grips Hong Kong as Lam activates emergency powers

Thousands wear masks to defy Hong Kong emergency ban