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About NewsAdviser

NewsAdviser gives you the freedom of the press through showing you who's saying what and how different sections of the Press approach the same story.

We live in exciting times. It's more important than ever to understand the big picture. Newsfeeds do the opposite by using filters to show you what they think you want to see. NewsAdviser is an anti-newsfeed newsfeed. It lets you see political bias and cultural differences in the Press quickly and easily. NewsAdviser lets you make up your own mind.

The WORLD is changing and changing fast. Take Brexit, for example. Probably the most divisive act in the nation's history since the Abolition of the Monarchy and The Civil War. An EU Justice Commissioner has criticised the British Press for sowing division. Jeremy Corbyn has said Britain's Press allows billionaire magnates to 'spread lies and half-truths'. This was of course rejected by the Press themselves. So, you see, there are always at least two sides to every story. Most of the time in NewsAdviser you'll see even more.

In a world full of 24/7 news and fake news, NewsAdviser lets you make up your own mind on important topics from Politics to Technology, from Science to the world around us. NewsAdviser also lets you make up your own mind on crucial issues such as the society we live in and the NHS. As you would expect, the Opinion section immediately reflects major political and cultural differences in the Press. Our weekly blogs round-up how the best stories and topics of the week were handled by different sections of the Press.

NewsAdviser is a great free resource for researchers, academics, teachers and students studying Media, Journalism, English, Politics and Cultural Studies.

NewsAdviser is a free teaching and learning resource with 1000s of news stories on an extensive range of topics. Teachers and students from primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities can find relevant and appropriate articles simply and quickly. Just comparing the headlines brings instant insights into the language and approach used by different sections of the Press, particularly on the same topic or story. Article links go directly to the story on the publisher's site providing quick and easy access to information.

The same goes for researchers and academics. NewsAdviser is a crucial reference resource for 1000s of stories on a huge range of topics. Just as importantly, NewsAdviser provides free access to articles and opinions on the major issues facing us today.

We also have our own NEWS DNA service. Our Research Team undertakes bespoke research and can produce customised videos and animations for content producers of all kinds.

Go on. Enjoy the freedom of the Press.