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Brexit fuels brain drain as skilled Britons head to the EU

Prime minister is in cloud cuckoo land on EU trade deal, says his father Stanley Johnson

England had the highest level of excess deaths in Europe during coronavirus pandemic

‘MASSIVE SUCCESS’ Boris Johnson defends ‘highest deaths in Europe’ and says UK made huge progress on driving numbers down

EU ‘ready’ for full Brexit border checks next year, Barnier claims

Brexit will mean checks on goods crossing Irish Sea, government admits

Coronavirus: UK shops would have suffered food shortages during pandemic without single market, EU says

UK will need to extend Brexit transition, Merkel ally warns Britain

Are we failing to notice that we are heading for no-deal Brexit?

UK ‘failing to engage’ in Brexit talks, says EU chief Michel Barnier

UK behind most European states in tackling coronavirus, says agency

No-deal Brexit planning ‘undermined preparation for coronavirus pandemic’, adviser claims

UK economy shrunk before coronavirus pandemic in February, latest figures show

UK missed three chances to join EU scheme to bulk-buy PPE

EU insists UK had ‘ample opportunity’ to join scheme for ventilators

Coronavirus: Three chances missed to buy protective equipment

UK ‘missed three chances to join EU scheme to bulk buy protective equipment’

Sir Simon McDonald’s row with Raab over failure to join Brussels coronavirus effort

EU turns up pressure on Matt Hancock over Covid-19 PPE scheme

UK economy already flatlining before coronavirus, figures reveal