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Theresa May to consider axeing Human Rights Act after Brexit, minister reveals

Theresa May leaves diplomats in ‘disbelief’ after presenting EU leaders with unchanged Brexit demands

Revealed: UK patients stockpile drugs in fear of no-deal Brexit

Pharmacists facing ‘massive shortages’ in common medicines across UK, experts warn

Merkel ‘to be key player’ in EU breakthrough as May plots new Brexit plan

Dutch and German leaders humiliate Theresa May by rejecting any changes to Brexit deal

Brexit: Latest poll shows record 12-point lead for Remain

Germany’s DESPERATE bid to persuade UK to REMAIN in EU – ‘We WANT you to stay!’

Bitte! Stop Brexit and stay with us, Germany asks Britain

‘BREXIT TRAITOR’ Philip Hammond branded a ‘traitor’ for sparking a Cabinet war after he told business chiefs the ‘threat’ of a No Deal could be stopped

Emmanuel Macron’s summation of Brexit: ‘The British people were sold a lie’

Sturgeon told time is right for another shot at independence

Irish PM admits his country’s economy will be hammered by a no deal Brexit but blames Theresa May for the chaos and demands she ditches her red lines

German carmakers warn of ‘FATAL’ consequences of a no-deal Brexit – ‘Jobs are ON THE LINE’

The EU calls for Brexit to be CANCELLED AFTER May’s crushing defeat: Council President Donald Tusk says ‘no one wants no deal’ and asks ‘who will finally have the courage to say what the only positive solution is’

EU’s Donald Tusk says Brexit should be SCRAPPED and claims a deal is ‘impossible’

EU opens door to further trade negotiations if Theresa May ditches red lines

‘How will the UK take this FORWARD?’ Barnier expresses FRUSTRATION at UK MPs’ Brexit farce

We should have second referendum with or without May, says Sturgeon

EU ‘in no mood’ to renegotiate Brexit deal as chiefs warn ‘time is almost up’