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Brexit poll reveals vast majority of union members back referendum – and Remain

Brexit: Unions overwhelmingly back new referendum as pressure on Corbyn mounts

UK finances forecast to suffer under most forms of Brexit

Brexit viewed with incredulity overseas, says ambassador

End of UK? Three years after Brexit, will Westminster chaos tear union apart? Shock polls

British Steel bidder loses interest as UK fails to offer support

Bank of England governor shreds Boris Johnson’s claim for avoiding economic damage after no-deal

Bank of England cuts second-quarter growth forecast to zero and warns of higher risks to economy

TARIFF RAP Bank of England boss Mark Carney dashes Boris Johnson’s hopes of tariff-free trade with EU after No Deal

MPs take Met to court over leave campaign investigation delays

Brussels set to make example of the Swiss in Brexit warning

EU prepares to cut off Swiss stock exchanges in warning to Brexit Britain

Brexit: UK growth tipped to slow as firms run down stockpiles

No-deal ‘a critical risk’ to UK aviation, warn bosses

Brexit impasse will ‘suffocate’ business investment across UK, experts warn

‘Is Brexit a big concern?’: Prince William quizzes farmers about impact of leaving EU before they tell him ‘it was like turkeys voting for Christmas’

MPs to make cross-party bid to stop next prime minister forcing through no deal

Labour to launch bid to block new PM from forcing no-deal Brexit

MPs line up against threat of ‘ludicrous’ no‑deal Brexit

Boris Johnson faces Remainer plot to thwart no-deal Brexit on day he launches leadership campaign