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May’s appeal falls flat as EU seizes control of Brexit date

Brexit: EU leaders decide UK’s fate behind closed doors as Theresa May secures Article 50 extension

EU draws up new timetable after Theresa May’s ‘unconvincing’ extension plea

EU gives May three weeks to win her Brexit vote

EU leaders offer UK delay to May 22 – if MPs back Theresa May’s deal

‘Don’t go to hell!’: Juncker urges MPs not to plunge Britain into the no deal Brexit abyss by defeating May’s deal.. as Tusk jokes there in plenty of space for them with the devil if they do

Brexit delay deal DONE: Tusk unveils terms agreed with Theresa May after MAMMOTH talks

EU bosses confirm Brexit WILL be delayed – either to April 12 with No Deal or May 22 if Theresa May gets deal through MPs

Remain would win second Brexit referendum but no-deal would get more votes than Theresa May’s deal, poll indicates

Pathetic, incoherent, chaotic: Europe’s verdict on Brexit shambles

Brexit: EU fears chaos if British extension plea is granted

May accused of going ‘on bended knee’ to EU as she warns MPs the UK has ‘had enough’ of Brexit indecision

Theresa May asks EU for Brexit delay with cabinet in deadlock over ‘crisis’

Theresa May pleads for delay to Brexit as EU stands firm

Eurosceptic Tories use covert talks to call on EU countries to veto Brexit extension

BREXIT ULTIMATUM: May faces HUGE delay, soft exit or second referendum – EU warning

EU chief Michel Barnier gives UK ultimatum – ‘If you want to delay Brexit, you need a new plan’

Britain heading for No Deal Brexit and needs a ‘concrete plan’ if we want to delay, warns EU

Theresa May begs EU for more time but faces full-scale Cabinet mutiny

BREXIT DISASTER: May admits UK now ‘in CRISIS’ as she pleads for EU’s help