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Hong Kong protests: pressure builds on Carrie Lam as public rejects apology

Hong Kong protesters stage biggest demonstration in 30 years

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong vows to fight ‘long term battle’ after surprise release

Hong Kong democracy activist is freed from prison and calls for the city’s Beijing-backed leader ‘Carrie Lam the liar’ to step down as political crisis enters second week

Hong Kong protests: Leader Carrie Lam apologises to public after massive protests over extradition bill

Hong Kong leader apologises as TWO MILLION take to the streets to protest extradition to China law

Hong Kong: Police clash with protesters after crowds surround parliament

Hong Kong falls silent as authorities delay extradition bill debate

Hong Kong authorities close government offices after crowds and riot police clash in day of violence over new extradition bill

Hong Kong protesters taunt Chinese police with British flag as rioting breaks out

Hong Kong protesters are defiant in the face of police rubber bullets: ‘We have to do something’

Hong Kong’s extradition protesters plan siege of parliament

Hong Kong businesses vow to strike as anger over extradition bill grows

Huge Hong Kong crowd fights China clampdown

Hong Kong riot police using barons, tear gas and pepper spray clash with protesters after million-strong demo over proposed new extradition bill with China

Hong Kong protests: More than one million people join rally against China extradition bill, organisers say

UK suffers crushing defeat in UN vote on Chagos Islands

Chagos Islands: UN officially demands Britain and US withdraw from Indian Ocean archipelago

Chagos Islands: UN expected to call for end of British control

Moment Pope gives eight migrant children from Syria and Africa a joyride on his Popemobile through St Peter’s Square in a show of solidarity