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Trump administration separated thousands more migrant children at US border than previously known

Donald Trump orders 50,000 back to work with no pay

New migrant caravan travelling to US from Honduras adding to tensions over border

‘No way to live here’: new Honduran caravan sets off north as Trump blasts warnings

Trump’s White House DOUBLES cost of US government shutdown as 800,000 STILL without pay

Donald Trump orders McDonald’s for football champions as shutdown cuts staff

Donald Trump serves McDonald’s on silver platters as White House chefs go unpaid amid shutdown

Trump losing battle to avoid blame for shutdown as day 23 rolls on

Trump equates illegal immigrants with paedophiles in attempt to justify need for border wall

Trump claims wall would keep out child sex offenders

Trump backs away from declaring national emergency to fund border wall

Millions suffer as longest US shutdown bites

Donald Trump overtakes Clinton for longest government shutdown

US government shutdown LONGEST in history – Trump’s border wall funding crisis rages on

Government shutdown: Stalemate over Trump’s border fence sets new record, while US’s most revered national parks suffer

Trump tours border after repeating threat to call national emergency

Donald Trump set to declare an emergency in wall crisis

Trump doubles down on threat to declare national emergency as he visits US-Mexico border

Trump ‘slams table’ and walks out of ‘waste of time’ meeting after Democrats refuse to fund border wall

Trump walks out on Democrats and calls shutdown talks ‘a waste of time’