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Mark Field suspended as minister after grabbing climate protester by neck

Climate change activist: ‘What we saw from Mark Field last night isn’t even the tip of the iceberg’

‘Go on an anger management course!’: Greenpeace protester slams Foreign Office minister Mark Field after he is suspended for grabbing her during protest at City banquet – but she says WON’T press charges

Mark Field: Greenpeace activist grabbed by Tory MP says he should seek anger management help

Mark Field: Tory MP grabs female protester around neck and pins her against pillar before shoving her out of lavish banquet

Greenpeace protester ‘in shock’ after ‘assault’ by Tory minister

Two-thirds of Britons want faster action on climate, poll finds

‘A lot of people will die’ unless climate change is tackled, warns environment boss

Ammonia pollution damaging more than 60% of UK land

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