Month: December 2018 News




Stories of the week 23 December




Are you ready for this week’s Brexit? Hang on to your seats and we’ll begin.

Theresa May seemed to be leaning towards ‘it’s my way or the highway’ as far as either No-Deal or my deal goes. Even though the Press and most of the people believed no sane Prime Minister could even contemplate No-Deal.

Nevertheless the threat of No-Deal began to loom larger as the week progressed with disastrous consequences continuing to be outlined by the Government and various industry experts. Jaguar Land Rover announced it was cutting 5000 jobs .

In even more shocking news, 3,500 troops are on standby in the event of a No-Deal. Hardly making it the sane choice. As if to prove the point, Anna Soubry was jostled and heckled by far-right protesters on her way into Parliament.

In the face of increasing horror at the thought of No-Deal, support for a second referendum grew amongst politicians and the Press. To make matters even worse for May and Leavers in general, Putin backed her refusal to allow a People’s Vote and backed her deal. Surely the kiss of death?




The Government’s long awaited White Paper on immigration policy was released this week and duly torn apart by the Press. Nobody was happy with what was being proposed and made their points of view loud and clear.




In bad Christmas news, Universal credit has been found to target disabled claimants more harshly.

There was both good and appalling news for homeless people in the UK this week. A hotel cancelled a Christmas booking for homeless people but in the face of a public outcry, another hotel took the booking. Both attacks on the homeless and the number of deaths of homeless people have risen alarmingly in recent years.  Despite this, George Osborne still fails to see a link with the Government’s austerityLabour also promised to repeal archaic Victorian begging laws to help ease their plight.




Femicide in the UK makes disturbing reading. 76% of women killed in 2017 knew their killer and many were killed with excessive violence.



Middle East

Donald Trump surprised allies by ordering a rapid withdrawal of US troops from Syria.

The Khashoggi murder continued to again stay in the news. This week Saudi Arabia has grown tired of interference from the US Senate.




After rejecting Donald Trump’s $5 billion budget for building the Mexican border wall, the US Government has gone into financial shutdown as deadlock sets-in.

In a warning to Brexiteers, the House of Lords stated the UK should be distancing itself from Trump and his policies.




The most distant object in the Solar System was discovered this week. Fittingly scientists called it ‘Farout’.



Alexa’s advice to ‘kill your foster parents’ fuels concern over Amazon Echo

US government shutdown goes ahead amid deadlock over Trump’s wall

WALL OR NOTHING Donald Trump unveils design for ‘effective and beautiful’ spiked Mexico wall as he shuts down US government over border budget

US government shutdown: Trump administration halts work at string of departments after $5bn border wall demand rejected

Border wall row triggers US government shutdown

US government begins shutdown over border wall funding row 

Massive US ‘SHUTDOWN’ over border wall funding row BEGINS – ‘NOTHING we can do about it!’

BBC’s London HQ put on lockdown over climate change protest

NHS chiefs set up No Deal Brexit ‘WAR ROOM’ in major plan sneaked out before Christmas

Killer diseases could be missed by overstressed doctors in busy winter months, senior GP warns

Jeremy Corbyn pledges to end 19th century law which criminalises rough sleepers

Labour promises to repeal begging laws

Labour vows to repeal ancient law that makes sleeping on streets a criminal offence

George Osborne denies his austerity caused homelessness crisis: ‘It’s not a lack of money’

Our elders are supposed to be older and wiser. But not these Brexit clowns

Lies about the EU took us to Brexit

Deal or no deal, we’re going back to the 1970s

Yes, Parliament is a joke, but we need it more than ever

It’s been a calamitous year for Corbyn (but he might just help save Brexit)