Month: October 2019 News

Even Tories think an election is risky – because of Boris Johnson

The election is happening. It won’t break the Brexit deadlock, but it could break the country for decades

How Boris Johnson can steal votes from Jeremy Corbyn

Nobody will take the Conservatives’ general election promises seriously if Javid lets borrowing run riot 

The way to make sure Brexit never happens? Vote for the Brexit Party

General Election 2019: 10 ways Labour can win as country heads to polls in December

Trick or treat? PM MUST exploit Lib Dem and SNP’s Halloween gamble

Let’s hope Boris Johnson gives turkey Corbyn a stuffing… then we can enjoy Christmas dinner with no Brussels

Democrats unveil impeachment inquiry plan detailing a ‘clear path forward’

Trump call undermined security, army officer tells impeachment inquiry

Trump impeachment: Ukraine expert gives ‘extremely disturbing’ evidence about president’s actions

Climate crisis affects how majority will vote in UK election – poll

More than half of people say climate change will influence how they vote in general election

‘The climate doesn’t need awards’: Greta Thunberg declines environmental prize

How rising seas will sink COUNTRIES: Scientists calculate that current satellite-based predictions are wrong and three times as many people will be hit by rising shore lines by 2050

Climate change could leave southern Britain ‘unable’ to support crops

Election pact pursued by Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru and Greens

December 12 general election will get Brexit done, says Boris Johnson

UK will have a Dec 12 election as MPs act to end Parliamentary ‘stasis’

The battle for the ‘Workington Man’: How Boris Johnson’s Brexmas election on December 12th will be won or lost thanks to ‘older, white male voters in Leave-backing northern towns’