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UK to resume arms sales to Saudi Arabia despite ‘possible’ war crimes in Yemen, government says

Trump’s assassination of Qasem Soleimani was illegal, says UN

UN slams Donald Trump for killing Iranian General Soleimani because there was ‘insufficient evidence he was behind an ongoing or imminent attack’

Foreign NHS workers are risking their lives for us – and paying for the privilege

US and Russia blocking UN plans for a global ceasefire amid crisis

UN inquiry stops short of directly blaming Russia over Idlib attacks

Saudi Aramco valuation falls below $2tn target

Saudis cave to investor pressure with $1.7tn target for long-awaited float

Turkey and Russia agree on deal over buffer zone in northern Syria

Russia and Turkey stitch up deal to patrol Syrian ‘safe zone’

The Kurds ‘capitulate’: Fighters say they have left border zone hours before ceasefire ends as Vladimir Putin gives Turkey the go-ahead to carve out its ‘safe zone’ – while Bashar al-Assad brands Turkish leader a ‘thief’ during visit to the front line

Erdogan outrage: Turkey launch furious attack as it accuses US of breaking Syrian promises

US troops pelted with vegetables in protest at ‘betrayal’ over withdrawal from northern Syria

Syrian residents pelt retreating US troops with food and insults

Erdogan’s allies’ war-crimes: How Turkey’s proxy militias filmed themselves executing Kurdish prisoners and civilians in first days of Syrian invasion

Kurdish fighters reveal horror ‘white phosphorus’ burns from Turkish airstrikes as they blast US ‘betrayal’

Erdoğan threatens to ‘crush the heads’ of Kurdish fighters refusing to withdraw

‘I hope to God the Turks don’t come. They are monsters’

Erdogan wanted war in Syria to bring stability to Turkey – it may bring instability to both

Syria invasion: Turkey’s rebel rabble accused of atrocities