Month: November 2018 News

Brexit fact deniers are becoming like climate change sceptics – all fingers in ears and tongues poked out

Brace yourself, Britain. Brexit is about to teach you what a crisis actually is

The PM is touring the country but won’t give the people a say

The PM’s immigration pitch for her Brexit deal is unravelling 

On the 12th day of Brexit, Theresa gave to me… The start of World War III

All Theresa May has done is wave the white flag

Jeremy Corbyn isn’t even Prime Minister and he’s already trying his best to crash our economy

Somber-looking Trump touches down for G20: President and First Lady arrive in Buenos Aires as pressure mounts over China trade war, Russia’s Ukraine attacks and Saudis’ tie to Khashoggi murder while Cohen crisis mounts back home

Ben Carson stresses ‘positive aspect’ of migrant caravan, contradicting Trump

Hundreds of migrants begin to ‘self-deport’ back to Central America as TB, chicken pox and lice become endemic at squalid Tijuana sports complex with only 35 portable toilets and nine showers – sheltering 6,000 people

Climate change could trigger an ‘extinction domino effect’ that would annihilate all life on Earth, chilling report warns

Michael Gove pledges genetic food revolution

Theresa May says her talks with Mohammed bin Salman will go ahead, as other nations shun Saudi crown prince

Theresa May holds talks with Saudi Crown Prince despite Khashoggi murder

Government set to relax restrictions on non-EU doctors

Government ‘to relax immigration restrictions for non-EU medical staff’ to help fill 100,000 much-needed NHS jobs

Government to let in 3,000 foreign doctors as it relaxes immigration restrictions to ease NHS staff shortages

Migration from outside EU highest for 14 years

Immigration from outside EU has soared to its highest level since 2004 – as more Romanians settle in the UK

Universal credit is ‘broken’, says report highlighting alarming rent arrears