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Theresa May appeasing hard-Brexit Tories, ministers warn

Delaying Brexit is better than a no-deal, Tobias Ellwood tells Theresa May

Exclusive: Ministers trying to block no deal ‘think they know better’ than voters, Andrea Leadsom says

Ministers will QUIT if Theresa May orders them to vote against a backbench plan to let MPs block a no-deal Brexit, warns Nick Boles

Jeremy Corbyn attacks Theresa May over cross-party Brexit talks ‘designed to play for time’

Corbyn could face string of resignations if he backs ‘people’s vote’

Cabinet ministers warn Theresa May she will face mass resignations unless she allows MPs to stop no-deal Brexit

‘You’ve always believed in the importance of dialogue’: May’s barbed challenge to Corbyn as he STILL refuses to join Brexit talks – and 20 of her own ministers threaten to quit if she tries to halt rebel campaign to stop no deal

Brexit: DUP edges towards customs union

Theresa May ‘refuses to compromise over Brexit deal’ as she holds crisis talks

Nicola Sturgeon to press ahead with indy ref 2 plans but rejects Theresa May Brexit talks

Out of the way, May! Johnson’s not-so-subtle LEADERSHIP PITCH – PM loses control of Brexit

No-deal Brexit could be ‘taken off the table’, chancellor Philip Hammond admits to business leaders

Philip Hammond says in leaked recording that No Deal could be ‘taken off the table’ within days

No Deal Brexit set to be blocked within DAYS, claims Chancellor in leaked call

Theresa May survives vote, but Britain remains in Brexit deadlock

Tories rally behind May to defeat Corbyn’s no‑confidence motion

Gove writes his own obituary, as Brexiteers insist that their moment is about to arrive

PM tells MPs from ALL parties to forget their self-interest and give people the Brexit they voted for as she calls out wrecker Corbyn for refusing to meet her – after surviving confidence motion by 19

Britain heading for NORWAY deal as survivor May prepares to CAVE to rivals