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Mother of parliaments shut by ‘father of lies’, supreme court told

‘The Mother of all Parliaments has been shut down by the father of lies’: SNP lawyer tells Supreme Court Brexit hearing that Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue is an illegal ‘abuse of power’

‘The father of lies’: Boris Johnson’s government accused of ‘dishonest, dirty tricks’ as Supreme Court hearing continues

Boris Johnson slammed as ‘father of lies’ in the Supreme Court

Boris Johnson acted like a dishonest estate agent, John Major to tell court

Boris Johnson suspending parliament was ‘abuse of power not seen in at least 50 years’, Supreme Court hears

Boris Johnson warns Supreme Court judges not to ‘enter the political arena’ by blocking suspension of Parliament – as Government refuses to rule out proroguing AGAIN if it loses the case

Brexit Supreme Court case: Boris Johnson accused of ‘worst abuse of power in 50 years’

Stay neutral, Boris Johnson tells Supreme Court

The future is again in the hands of the Supreme Court as Boris warns Justices to stay neutral

Boris Johnson tells Supreme Court judges to butt out of Brexit at historic hearing into claims he misled the Queen

Millionaire Remainer Gina Miller begs for cash in bid to halt Boris Johnson’s Brexit

Supreme court to hear claims suspension of parliament is unlawful

Brexit has lit a fuse under Good Friday agreement, appeal judges told

Swinson: The Lib Dems must defeat Johnson the dictator

Jo Swinson faces Brexit backlash as Lib Dem leader prepares to tell party Brexit is ‘like planning to burn your house down’ and rivals line up to warn her: ‘You’re playing with fire’

Anger at Swinson’s ‘extreme’ plot to keep UK shackled to EU

Most voters believe government should allow Scotland and Northern Ireland to decide on UK membership after Brexit, poll finds

Lib Dem conference backs Jo Swinson’s ‘Stop Brexit’ plan to revoke Article 50

Lib Dems vote to bin Brexit without a new referendum