Month: March 2019 News



Stories of the week 31 March



Brexit tuned into open warfare this week. Mostly between various factions of the Conservative Party.

Theresa May’s deal was defeated for the third time under a different guise with threats she may bring it back for a fourth defeat. But this wasn’t the biggest defeat for the beleaguered Prime Minister.  She has given in to ‘party power’ and promised to resign before the next phase whatever that may be.  This led to one of our several favourite headlines of the week – Brexit is a national crisis. Not a careers fair for 22 Tories

After nearly 3 years of Brexit incompetence, MPs took back control from the Government to try and find a consensus. Although they haven’t as yet, they did narrow down the options.

After 1 million people marched to stay in the European Union and almost 6 million people signed an online petition to revoke Article 50, the Government remained unmoved. Despite accusations of Theresa May begging for an Article 50 extension, the Government brushed off both the petition and the march. So much for democracy in the UK.

Democracy in Europe is a different matter. The European Parliament and Brexit negotiators recognised the significance of these numbers and decided that it was the EU’s duty not to betray those who want to Remain and to support the increasing majority who want to stay in the EU.

In what, quite frankly was an astonishing move, senior hard-line Brexiters – Johnson, Gove, Mogg, Raab, Davis et al – decided to call themselves ‘Grand Wizards’. Clearly inspired by the Klu Klux Klan who use the same term for their leadership.

Looks like it’s a general election or second referendum or both!




It’s official. The Conservative Party is undergoing UKIPisation and is now known as BLUKIP. There were rumours of the Tory grass roots membership being infiltrated by UKIP members and these have turned out to be true.

Brave and honourable Pro-Remain MP, Dominic Grieve, was de-selected by local ‘BLUKIP’ party members for daring to voice his opinion and stand up for reason.  The end of the Conservative Party draws nearer every day.


In what was a gloriously indicative move shedding light on their attitude to austerity, Conservative MPs ordered homeless people be removed from a subway so they didn’t have to pass them on their way to Parliament.




In another shocking indictment of the Government’s view to support for the poor, figures revealed this week shows a dramatic increase in numbers of children and pensioners in poverty in the last year. Nearly 4 million children in the UK remain trapped in poverty.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the life expectancy gap between rich and poor women in the UK has widened. Life expectancy of women in the poorest areas has fallen by a staggering 100 days in just five years of Conservative Government.



Middle East

In a sad episode highlighting the plight of so many human beings around the world, rescued migrants hijacked their rescue ship when told they were being returned to Libya, the very place they were fleeing from.



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General election a strong prospect as Theresa May’s Brexit deal defeated for third time

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Pro-Remain Tory MP Dominic Grieve LOSES a no confidence vote by his local Conservative Party paving way for deselection after he help spearhead move to seize control of Brexit from May