Month: September 2019 News

Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans: all humbug

Tories at war: Our democracy has turned into a populist dictatorship by my party

Johnson fans flames of hatred as voters’ hopes burn

Boris Johnson has cocooned himself in his own inadequacy. No one can touch him

Of all the No Deal conspiracy theories, the claim it’s a plot by evil bankers is surely the loopiest

Boris facing fight of his life as left-wing battalion heads to Manchester

Boris Johnson must fight back against elite’s dirty tricks for the sake of our democracy

Arrests and rising tension as Hong Kong prepares for protests on China’s national day

Labour says Tory ‘new’ projects are actually rehashed old plans

Boris Johnson denies conflict of interest over relationship with businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri

I have nothing to declare about my model friend Jennifer Arcuri, says Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson had ‘affair’ after ‘simmering sexual tension’ with friend, 34

‘Clearly I have a better memory than he does’: Journalist Charlotte Edwardes bites back after Downing Street denies her claim that Boris Johnson squeezed her thigh during lunch in 1999

Boris Johnson’s allies accused him of shutting them out to listen to Leave guru Dominic Cummings and girlfriend Carrie Symonds

Ex-top civil servant: Hammond was right to query no-deal backers

‘Surrender act’: Johnson ignores calls to restrain his language

Thousands take to the streets to tell Tories they’re not welcome in Manchester

Remain alliance hatch plot to force Boris Johnson into Brexit extension as early as this week

Remainers hatch secret plan to ‘safeguard against’ no deal in blow to Boris

Dominic Cummings thinks he’s Otto von Bismark. In fact he’s Finchy from The Office