Month: October 2018 News

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Why leavers still believe the £350m claim: emotion trumps facts where the EU is concerned in The Times

The Government’s no deal plans risk plunging businesses into a bureaucratic nightmare in The Telegraph

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Labour’s civil war over the big-spending Budget exposes how clueless they are in The Sun

Does THIS picture show a plant from year 6000? ‘Time traveller’ makes INCREDIBLE claim in the Daily Express

Migrant caravans will be met with full force, says Pentagon in The Times

What is the migrant caravan and why is it dominating the US midterm elections? In The independent

There are three options in tackling climate change. Only one will work in The Guardian

Jeremy Hunt DENIES ‘prior knowledge’ of Saudi plot against murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi but dodges questions on whether UK intelligence had advance warning in the Daily Mail

Britain ‘complicit’ in Yemen famine, Tory ex-cabinet minister warns amid calls to end arm sales in The Independent

The tax sting hidden in the Budget small print: Half of £730 saving for four million higher-rate taxpayers will be clawed BACK by Treasury in NI contributions (but Chancellor didn’t mention that in his speech) in the Daily Mail

Stealth NI rise to nullify half of Philip Hammond’s budget tax cuts in The Telegraph

Police to sue government unless it backs down over cuts in The Guardian

Chancellor’s budget boost to NHS frontline conceals £1bn cut in The Guardian

Repairs bill for crumbling NHS hospitals hits £3bn amid backlash against Chancellor’s spending plans in The Independnet

Budget 2018 experts blow apart Tories’ ‘end of austerity’ claim – 7 ways they just steamrollered Philip Hammond in the Daily Mirror