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NewsAdviser is a great resource for researchers, academics, teachers and students studying Media, Journalism, English, Politics and Cultural Studies.

NewsAdviser is a great resource for all types of content producers too. Our Research Team offers a range of services. We have a comprehensive news archive with 1000s of stories on an incredible range of topics. We can dissect the news from a vast array of viewpoints. Some amazing, some amusing but all insightful and engaging. We undertake bespoke research and presentation production for informative, engaging and right-up-to-the-moment content.

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Our photographic policy

We use royalty-free photography and would like to thank all the photographers who have donated their work for public use. We do not use photographs originally published with the articles on our site for legal reasons.  These can be seen when links are followed to the original articles.

The photographs we do use are intended to be representative of the topic as a whole and not necessarily directly related to the individual article.