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Cambridge scientists create world’s first living organism with fully redesigned DNA

Teenager recovers from near death in world-first GM virus treatment

Experimental virus cocktail saves teenager given one per cent chance

UK girl first in world to have deadly superbug infection treated with bacteria-hunting GM viruses

Scientists ‘reverse time’ with quantum computer in breakthrough study

A trillion people will inhabit my space colonies, says Jeff Bezos

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos wants to send a TRILLION people to space with Blue Origin project

Boy, 12, said to have created nuclear reaction in playroom lab

Baby removed from womb for pioneering surgery, then put back

‘Superbug genes’ found in one of Earth’s last ‘pristine’ Arctic wildernesses, scientists warn

Drug firms get millions for war on superbugs

Doctors told to cut antibiotic prescriptions by 15 per cent as drug companies compete for millions to develop specialist ones that can fight resistant deadly superbugs

Air pollution affects happiness not just health, scientists find

Planet Nine is not real but there’s something else strange on the edge of our solar system, scientists say

First plants ever grown on moon have now died, says Chinese scientist

First green leaf on moon dies as temperatures plummet

Giant leaf for mankind? China germinates first seed on moon

Plants grown on Moon for first time paving way for lunar base

China creates FIRST LIFE to ever exist on the moon

Elephants are evolving to lose tusks following decades of ivory poaching