Month: July 2019 News

Boris Johnson claims he wants to trade with America – but he’s not listening to what they’re saying

‘Deceitful Boris Johnson is all bluster and no substance’

Leo Varadkar looks like an adult because the UK is acting like a spoilt toddler

Right-on brigade exposes its own prejudices

Does anyone actually believe Boris Johnson’s high stakes, no-deal bluster?

Raise interest rates and put an end to Project Fear

Britain reclaims title of world’s second-biggest arms exporter

‘A cop said I was famous’: China accuses foreigners in Hong Kong of being ‘agents’

Hong Kong protesters in pitched battle at Kwai Chung police station

Hong Kong protesters clash with police as 44 activists charged with rioting

Car shoots flaming fireworks at hundreds of Hong Kong protestors calling for arrested colleagues to be freed from police station in shocking drive-by

UK needs to plant 1.5 billion trees to tackle climate change, government told

Hotter, wetter, sunnier: Britain’s weather is getting more extreme

Ten hottest years have occurred since 2002

Britain’s ten hottest years have ALL occurred since 2002 highlighting the speed of climate change, say scientists

Johnson and Trump’s close ties risk disaster for planet, says Corbyn

Greenland faces ice melt disaster

‘National emergency’ of youth violence exacerbated by Tory budget cuts, MPs find

Cash-strapped parents go starving so kids can eat during summer holidays

Boris Johnson booed for the second day in a row as he visits Wales