Month: January 2019 News

The backstop isn’t just about trade. Is that so hard to understand, Britain?

Here are the steps that Jeremy Corbyn must take to rescue Britain from its Brexit torture

Tories must remain united on Brexit or the EU will get exactly what they want

Why aren’t Jeremy Corbyn’s pro‑Brexit mates punished for rebelling?

Our decadent new elite can’t see that it is sowing the seeds of its own ruin

Why the EU always haggles like an aggressive market trader… and then CAVES IN

May has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat

‘Theresa May voting against her own Brexit plan is ‘phantom politics”

UK broadcasters face advertising tipping point, new study finds

Maduro warns Trump not to spark another Vietnam

Venezuela: Jeremy Hunt to call for EU sanctions on key Maduro figures

Venezuela BOMBSHELL: ‘Donald Trump has given order to KILL ME!’ Shock Maduro claim

Fears rise ‘world’s most dangerous glacier’ could be on the verge of collapse as NASA study reveals gigantic cavity two-thirds the area of Manhattan and almost 1,000 feet tall at base of Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica

Academy schools struggle with ‘unsustainable’ deficits

Charity hits out at Theresa May over Child Funeral Fund pledge

Tory truce crumbles as Theresa May accused of ‘stupid mistake’ in EU talks by leading Eurosceptic

Brexiteers mocked by Cabinet minister ‘they won’t be happy until France returns Calais!’

Tory Brexiteers accuse Downing Street of breaking promise to shake up Theresa May’s negotiating team

Northern Ireland Secretary accused of misleading MPs after refusing to act on abortion and same-sex marriage bans

May woos rebel Labour MPs in effort to gain Brexit deal backing