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After a decade of decay, Labour’s manifesto offers us hope for the future

Labour’s manifesto is mere wishful thinking

It may be a recipe for fiscal disaster, but Labour’s manifesto actually contains some sensible ideas for how to fix capitalism

Labour’s manifesto is the most detailed, radical blueprint in decades – but it will be worthless until Brexit is solved

A suicide note to make the ’80s loony left blush: DOMINIC SANDBROOK explains why, 36 years after Michael Foot’s infamous manifesto, Jeremy Corbyn’s dark vision goes even further – and will kill off either Labour… or Britain

Labour’s fantasy economics will RUIN Britain – fast

Corbyn’s ‘manifesto of hope’ is really a Marxist catalogue of hate and intolerance

For nine extraordinary minutes, Boris Johnson stood next to his bus and lied and lied and lied without stopping

This election may be the end of Farage, but not of Faragism

As Boris redraws the political map, he’s changing what it means to be a Tory 

“Tough Jeremy Corbyn will floor arrogant Boris Johnson in head-to-head debate”

The Tories rely on Russian money – that’s why they ignore Russian meddling

Russia is fuelling our craze for conspiracies

A cocktail of confusion and panic, he was more artfully shambolic than usual: HENRY DEEDES on the Prime Minister’s first big speech of the campaign

Boris is a fool but vilified Farage had to do this deal for Brexit

‘Sir’ Nigel Farage’s knighthood will arrive from grateful Boris Johnson

In the Tory heartlands of the commuter belt, remainers may revolt

Jumpy Tories now fear Boris Johnson is beatable – as fading PM avoids voters

The Tories and Labour are both trying to hoodwink the public on borrowing

I’ve spent time in Britain’s food banks – the destitution these people are facing is appalling