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For the sake of life on Earth, we must put a limit on wealth

Britain’s leaders did not understand the value of EU rules, and still don’t

It’s clear, Boris Johnson misled the public and Queen

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Boris Johnson thought he was invincible – but meeting the public has left him well and truly humbled

Thank David Cameron – after all HE was the man who freed us from EU

The monstrous teenagers of our Brexit government are sorely testing the patience of the adults in the room

It’s clear, Boris Johnson misled the public and Queen

Centrist voters are being squeezed by anarchy in the UK

The ultimate judge of Boris Johnson must be the court of public opinion

Quelle cheek! Liberated by the Allies, with noble links to Britain and the Queen, yet now the pipsqueaks of Luxembourg – the darling of tax dodgers – dare to lecture us on how to behave

Jeremy Corbyn would turn Britain into a basket case like Zimbabwe

Luxembourg’s Xavier Bettel’s insulting stunt has probably secured a win for Boris Johnson at the next general election

Incredible Hulk Johnson is too scared to go to his own press conference

Boris Johnson humiliated for refusing to face music of chaotic Brexit strategy

Boris Johnson’s treatment in Luxembourg was staggeringly rude and utterly nauseating

Swinson’s remain extremism has given Labour a golden opportunity

Lib Dems can push Labour off Brexit fence

Remainers’ overwhelming allegiance to the EU cause has created our political crisis