Month: November 2019 News

After a decade of decay, Labour’s manifesto offers us hope for the future

Labour’s manifesto is mere wishful thinking

It may be a recipe for fiscal disaster, but Labour’s manifesto actually contains some sensible ideas for how to fix capitalism

Labour’s manifesto is the most detailed, radical blueprint in decades – but it will be worthless until Brexit is solved

A suicide note to make the ’80s loony left blush: DOMINIC SANDBROOK explains why, 36 years after Michael Foot’s infamous manifesto, Jeremy Corbyn’s dark vision goes even further – and will kill off either Labour… or Britain

Labour’s fantasy economics will RUIN Britain – fast

Corbyn’s ‘manifesto of hope’ is really a Marxist catalogue of hate and intolerance

UK set to defy UN deadline to return Chagos Islands

Boris Johnson set to snub election leaders’ debate on climate crisis

Jeremy Corbyn urges public to vote for ‘manifesto of hope’

Labour’s manifesto offers bold plan to transform Britain

Corbyn to raise £83bn in extra taxes from big business and higher earners to fund ‘most radical’ spending plans

Jeremy Corbyn hails £83bn dream spending plan

Jeremy Corbyn accused of masking true cost of manifesto to ordinary taxpayers

Blueprint for bankruptcy: In all its blood-red socialist horror, the Labour manifesto that independent analysts say would hit millions of families in the pocket with a litany of spending splurges… all financed by tax hikes

Corbyn’s SIX staggering promises – but where WILL the money come from?

We reveal nine hidden manifesto nasties which show how Corbyn’s reckless promises will hit families and bust the economy

Growth will fall behind EU ‘even without no-deal Brexit’

For nine extraordinary minutes, Boris Johnson stood next to his bus and lied and lied and lied without stopping

This election may be the end of Farage, but not of Faragism