Month: May 2019 News

Tories are a threat to the very backbone of our NHS

Young climate strikers could achieve even more by joining a union

Boris Johnson will win unless he self-destructs

As Boris well knows, the law has developed a worrying influence on politics

The sooner Labour realises that no version of Brexit can bring the country together, the better

Baroness Wheatcroft’s Brexit tirade is staggering — and another reason we’re better off OUT

Half a million must change GP surgery as closures hit record high

So THAT’S why you can’t get a doctor: A record 138 surgeries closed down last year as hundreds of GPs quit leaving millions of patients affected

Over half a million patients forced to swap GP surgeries after closures last year

GP surgery closures are up by 700% in five years hitting half a million patients

Far-right fundraising not taken seriously by UK, report finds

British far-right extremists being funded by international networks, report reveals

Marcus Ball, Remain activist ‘prosecuting’ Boris Johnson, called electorate ‘thick’ over Brexit

Lib Dems soar to FIRST place in a general election in bombshell YouGov poll

Disaster for Brexit? SHOCK poll suggests pro-EU Lib Dems on track to WIN general election

Pro-Remain Lib Dems surge ahead of Conservatives and Labour in new poll

Lib Dems become most popular party closely followed by Brexit Party, YouGov poll suggests

Poll bombshell for Tories and Labour: ‘Main parties’ slip to joint THIRD on 19% behind Lib Dems and Brexit Party in shock opinion survey after EU vote humiliation

Lib Dems top election poll for the first time in 9 years exposing voters’ Brexit fury