Month: August 2020 News

Britain’s ship of fools sails on, rudderless amid the Covid seas

The Brexit government is lost in a fog of lies

Boris Johnson’s claim that England’s coronavirus response is a ‘massive success’ will not hide the government’s blatant failings

‘Boris Johnson is twisting British democracy into a permanent Tory chumocracy’

Scottish Tory leader ousted to make way for Cummings critic

Two U-turns and a lot of chaos: it’s been a painful week for Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s Christmas boast in tatters as he slams brakes on lockdown easing

UK waste incinerators three times as likely to be in deprived areas

Google’s parent Alphabet reports sales fall for first time in history

Top scientist slams ‘shroud of secrecy’ around ‘shambolic’ government coronavirus decisions as ministers try to get UK moving with eat-out discount launch and return to work – despite rising cases, lockdown fears and civil service revolt

Tens of thousands of Britons who had Covid-19 may have wrongly been told they were free of the virus because of the tests the government uses, research suggests

government criticised for ‘shockingly short notice’ lockdown ahead of Eid celebrations

New lockdown rules in the north: infection and confusion spread again

Hancock claims last-minute northern lockdown announcement ‘crystal clear’, after Keir Starmer brands it ‘new low’ in government messaging

Matt Hancock ties himself in knots and tells ‘ehhhh, I will absolutely get back to you’ as he’s asked if people in Manchester can leave the area to visit friends – before he’s ridiculed with memes

Coronavirus: England has worst excess deaths in Europe

‘Tone-deaf’ ministers reject BAME review of English curriculum

Don’t cross border! Sturgeon says people in northern England should STAY THERE after spike

Dominic Cummings undermined lockdown enforcement, says ex-Durham police chief

CPS, Met and Durham police ‘closed ranks’ over Cummings case