Austerity News

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Child Poverty. UK-wide austerity blamed as predictions put figure at 29% – rather than 18% – in 2023

Government spending on ‘lifeline’ children’s Sure Start centres slashed by nearly £157m in four years

Over half of Universal Credit claimants have money deducted from payments, new figures show

Austerity measures may have undermined cuts in child mortality rates achieved under Labour, study suggests

MPs to launch inquiry into ‘survival sex’ by benefit claimants

Children arrive at school with holes in shoes and feel they have to work to get food, headteachers warn

Half of headteachers claim to have done laundry for pupils

‘Half of senior schools forced to wash poor pupils’ clothing’ according to a study which says benefit changes are causing a surge in poverty

‘Skint’ Nigel Farage’s company assets grew almost £400k last year

May will hold a THIRD vote on her Brexit deal next week as chaos reigns after MPs vote 321 to 278 to block No Deal (and this time some hardline Brexiteers ‘with a gun to the head’ say they may back her)

More than 3,500 UK bankers paid €1m a year, says EU report

School governors unite in ‘deep concern’ over cuts and staffing

More than 7,000 headteachers warn of a ‘school funding crisis’ amid claims of 20% cuts in sixth-form budgets over the past decade

‘It’s dangerous’: full chaos of funding cuts in England’s schools revealed

More schools could be forced to close early as funding crisis worsens, union warns

School funding row deepens as ministers dismiss headteacher protest as ‘ad hoc’

Education Secretary Damian Hinds ‘refused to meet teachers who are at breaking point’

Police round on Hammond over demand they ‘make do’ on knife crime

Philip Hammond rebuffed chief constables’ demands for more cash to tackle rising knife crime

Anti-knife crime campaigner attacks CRIPPLING police cuts ‘We’ve cut it to the bone’