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Foodbanks set for explosion in demand from hungry kids over school holidays

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt rule out snap election before Brexit because it would destroy Tories

Welfare failures and cuts fuelling extreme poverty, MPs say

Boris Johnson’s flagship policing plan instantly shot down by chief inspector of constabulary

Police resources ‘drained to dangerously low levels’, say former top officers

Public fear streets are lawless, say police chiefs

Five ex-heads of Scotland Yard call for public inquiry into state of policing as they warn country has ‘descended into lawlessness’

Five former Scotland Yard chiefs band together to warn that the public have lost confidence in the police as ‘feeling of lawlessness’ pervades Britain

Nearly half of global wages earned by top 10%, survey finds

One in five councils face drastic spending cuts within months

One in three councils fear they will run out of money for vital services such as child protection and elderly care by 2022 as funding crisis bites

Boris tax cuts would cost £20bn and make ending austerity almost ‘impossible’, IFS claims

Areas with most homeless deaths disproportionately hit by cuts

Infant mortality rates rise for third consecutive year, hitting poorest communities hardest

School asks BBC Children in Need to cover funding gap

How austerity is forcing disabled women into sex work

UK and territories are ‘greatest enabler’ of tax avoidance, study says

UK by far the biggest enabler of global corporate tax dodging, groundbreaking research finds

Companies avoid £100bn in tax through ‘spider’s web’ of offshore havens

Brexiteer James Cleverly becomes ELEVENTH candidate in PM leadership bid