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Foodbank hell for Britain as demand soars 3,800% under a decade of Tory rule

Nigel Farage accuses Tories of ‘corruption’ as he insists it is ‘fact’ that Brexit Party candidates were offered jobs to stand down

Watchdog bans DWP’s ‘misleading’ universal credit adverts

‘Dangerous’ government advert for universal credit ruled misleading by watchdog

DWP’s £225,000 Universal Credit spin campaign ruled misleading by watchdog

Senior officer suggests austerity fuelled surge in violent crime

No-deal Brexit could collapse British car manufacture overnight

UK food banks run low as demand surges in school holidays

Tories accused of trumpeting discipline instead of investing in schools

Thousands of children forced to grow up in shipping containers and offices because of government’s ‘catastrophic failure’ to address homelessness

Children are growing up in shipping containers due to lack of council housing, report finds

Homeless children put up in shipping containers, report says

Thousands of children across England growing up in ‘cramped and unsafe’ accommodation including shipping containers

The children who live in shipping containers: Thousands of homeless youngsters are being given temporary accommodation in storage units

Thousands of homeless children are growing up in shipping containers and B&Bs

Homeless person dying every 19 hours in UK, figures show

‘National emergency’ of youth violence exacerbated by Tory budget cuts, MPs find

Cash-strapped parents go starving so kids can eat during summer holidays

Almost five million Britons are living below the poverty line with earnings at 60 per cent or less of the UK’s median income

More than 4m in UK are trapped in deep poverty