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UN poverty expert hits back over UK ministers’ ‘denial of facts’

Fury as DWP spends £200k on giant advert for universal credit as charities reveal claimants ‘selling sex to survive’

Fury as DWP launches taxpayer-funded ‘spin’ campaign to defend Universal Credit

‘A national shame’: headteachers voice anger about pupils’ hunger

Electoral Commission to visit Brexit party offices over funding concerns

UK’s ‘cruel and harmful policies’ lack regard for child hunger, says NGO

UK’s failure to address ‘hunger crisis’ is breach of human rights, warns report

Britain’s shame as teachers have to turn to foodbanks to feed hungry school kids

Brexit party candidate’s book favoured benefit cuts for single mothers

Small businesses’ damning verdict on nine years of Tory rule revealed by study

Half a million more children are living in poverty than in 2010

Child poverty ‘new normal’ with 500,000 more kids living in poverty since 2010

Homeless people ‘denied social housing as risky tenants’

‘You can’t really win’: 4m Britons in poverty despite having jobs

Government cuts rough sleeping fund by up to £80m by scaling back tax on foreign home buyers

Universal credit regulations ruled unlawful by high court

Universal credit is ‘Orwellian’, says former high court judge

Food bank network hands out record 1.6m food parcels in a year

Food bank handouts at record levels

Food bank use hits record high as emergency supply packages surpass 1.5 million in 12 months, figures show