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Dentist closures leave thousands without access to NHS treatment

Half a million must change GP surgery as closures hit record high

So THAT’S why you can’t get a doctor: A record 138 surgeries closed down last year as hundreds of GPs quit leaving millions of patients affected

Over half a million patients forced to swap GP surgeries after closures last year

GP surgery closures are up by 700% in five years hitting half a million patients

Swathes of Britain are now healthcare deserts: 10million in rural areas now lack basic services like GP surgeries, local hospitals and nursing homes

GPs say 10-minute appointment with doctor is too short

Top GP says traditional ten-minute appointments are too short to treat patients effectively and wants 15 mins instead

GPs demand more time to see patients with 15-minute appointments across the NHS

Number of patients waiting more than 18 weeks for treatment skyrockets

NHS looks abroad for thousands of nurses

Antibiotic resistance as big a threat as climate change – chief medic

English hospitals begin to ban Welsh patients in funding row

A&E patients waiting more than four hours reaches record high

NHS cancer crisis as patients can face waiting over two months for treatment

Teenagers with mental health conditions are being turned away by the NHS unless they have tried suicide, officials warn

NHS offering £127m of contracts to private companies despite health secretary pledging: ‘No privatisation on my watch’

Matt Hancock called in to settle Oxford hospital scanners row

Oxford hospital trust faced defamation threat from NHS

Woman, 94, bled to death waiting for NHS to treat golf-ball sized varicose vein