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Shortage of GPs will never end, health experts say

Experts warn shortage of GPs will last for at least a decade

NHS staff crisis can’t be fixed just by training more GPs as doctor numbers continue to fall, major report claims

NHS chiefs attack plans to scrap four hour A&E targets, warning against attempts to ‘keep ministers happy’

NHS ‘hostile environment’ and charges limiting care to children of migrants in breach of UN pledges, doctors say

Lives at risk as cancer patients face longest NHS waits on record for treatment, experts warn

NHS ‘overwhelmed’ during collapse in waiting time standards last month

NHS bosses: Benefit stress driving mental health care demand

Public satisfaction over the NHS is lowest in a decade, despite £20bn ‘birthday boost’

UK healthcare ranks just 16th out of 35 European countries: NHS is ‘on par with Estonia and the Czech Republic due to unacceptable wait times’

Four hour A&E target ‘to be scrapped within a year’ despite warning from doctors

Four-hour waiting limit for A&E to be scrapped

Almost half of GPs plan to quit NHS within five years amid criticism of Skype consultations  

More than 40% of GPs intend to leave the profession or retire in the next five years as crisis set to worsen and patients face even longer waits for appointments

NHS crisis deepens as 40% of GPs set to quit over next five years in mass exodus

Almost half of UK GPs plan to retire in next five years, study shows

A&E hospital waiting times hit worst level since NHS records began, figures show

The incredible journey that shames the 999 service: Son races 180 miles – on a bus, Tube and two trains – to see his injured mother, 77, after she falls… but STILL arrives an hour before her ambulance

Britain is worse off for GP cover than Malta, Romania and Estonia with just 76 family doctors per 100,000 people, figures reveal – THREE times fewer than top-ranking Portugal

NHS not sustainable and Theresa May’s £20.5bn funding pledge won’t fix it, NAO warns