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NHS not sustainable and Theresa May’s £20.5bn funding pledge won’t fix it, NAO warns

Giving elderly hospital patients one extra meal a day cuts deaths by half, major NHS trial finds

Giving elderly patients an extra meal a day can halve their chances of dying in hospital, NHS study finds

Waiting times for NHS cancer treatment are at worst ever level

Flooded wards and leaking ceilings of “slum” NHS hospital hit by Carillion collapse

Theresa May warned £20bn NHS plan is doomed to failure unless staffing crisis tackled

NHS chiefs tell Theresa May it is time to curb privatisation

May gives no guarantee on NHS waiting times despite extra £20bn

NHS faces £1bn budget hole despite cash boost

Theresa May ‘running down NHS with huge financial black hole in her 10-year plan’

Extra billions for the NHS are only a sticking plaster – the service needs more serious treatment

NHS chiefs set up No Deal Brexit ‘WAR ROOM’ in major plan sneaked out before Christmas

Killer diseases could be missed by overstressed doctors in busy winter months, senior GP warns

Medical colleges criticise charging migrants upfront for NHS care

NHS will fund ‘drunk tanks’ over the festive period to relieve pressure on emergency services and stop drunken revellers from clogging up A&E

NHS England puts up £300,000 for Christmas ‘drunk tanks’

NHS sets up £300,000 city centre ‘drunk tank’ fund to take pressure off A&E over Christmas

Much-anticipated NHS long-term plan will be DELAYED because of Brexit

17,000 wait months for smear test results

Patients pay £1bn to jump NHS queues