Month: February 2019 News

Just 9% of British people think politics isn’t broken – and I’m one of them

That I had to seek guarantees on EU citizens’ rights is a sad state of affairs

Cabinet coup has placed the future of Brexit in peril

Brexit debate is marred by ‘ambitious’ politicians trying to ‘gain or retain high office’ but instead delivering ‘indecision and paralysis’

Error of judgement is not always a resignation matter

Stronger pound reflects City’s relief at receding no-deal Brexit

Remainers warn of kebab shortages and incurable STDs after a No Deal but it’s all lies – they just want to stop Brexit

Michael Cohen accuses ‘racist, conman’ Trump of criminal conspiracy

Trump ‘broke the law from Oval Office’, former aide Michael Cohen claims

Michael Cohen attempts to torpedo Donald Trump’s presidency in blistering testimony to Congress

Michael Cohen reveals how he hunted for nonexistent videotape of Trump hitting Melania and helped him silence love-child allegations – as he tells Ocasio-Cortez the president faked property values to lower his taxes and getting his IRS returns is the best way to prove it

Trump uses North Korea summit to rail against ‘fake witch hunt’ as he accuses Michael Cohen of lying ‘about 95%’ to congress

Michael Cohen TORN APART by Mark Green in congressional hearing – ‘NO CREDIBILITY’

Michael Cohen blasts Trump as ‘racist, cheating, conman’, claims President knew all about Wikileaks hacking and personally signed Stormy Daniels $35k hush money cheque

Donald Trump lashes out at ‘liar’ Michael Cohen as President branded a criminal

Thousands of migrant children allegedly sexually abused in US custody

Rain on way to douse ‘apocalyptic’ wildfires

Almost half of GPs plan to quit NHS within five years amid criticism of Skype consultations  

More than 40% of GPs intend to leave the profession or retire in the next five years as crisis set to worsen and patients face even longer waits for appointments

NHS crisis deepens as 40% of GPs set to quit over next five years in mass exodus