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New AI fake text generator may be too dangerous to release, say creators

Cryptocurrency investors locked out of $190m after exchange founder dies

£145m cryptocurrency password goes to grave with QuadrigaCX co-founder Gerald Cotton

Man dies with £100million of cryptocurrency on computer – but no-one knows password

UK broadcasters face advertising tipping point, new study finds

Apple rushes to fix FaceTime bug that let users eavesdrop on others

FaceTime bug lets users EAVESDROP on people they are calling even if they don’t pick up

Apple Facetime bug explained: how people can hear you before you accept their call

Largest collection ever of breached data found

Huge data breach reveals hundreds of millions of emails and passwords from across the internet

MASSIVE password leak contains 773 million details – find out if you’re affected

Nike releases new shoes controlled by your smartphone 

Robot assistants built by British Gas sister company could tackle loneliness in the elderly

Seven ways technology will change in 2019

Rise of the robots: Nearly 9 million British jobs could be lost to AI by 2030 with workers in retail, manufacturing and business administration most at risk

Alexa’s advice to ‘kill your foster parents’ fuels concern over Amazon Echo

Social media is turning a generation of children into liars, leading headmistress warns

Broadband too slow in more than a quarter of UK homes – report

Internet ‘not-spots’ where it takes days to download a film

UK’s worst street for BROADBAND revealed – and it’s 2,000 times slower than fastest