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Google’s parent Alphabet reports sales fall for first time in history

UK care homes scramble to buy their own PPE as national deliveries fail

UK ‘secretly flying tens of thousands of coronavirus tests to US due to lab problems’

Millions of pieces of PPE are being shipped from Britain to Europe despite NHS shortages

Coronavirus: Lives could be at risk from thousands of new ventilators for the NHS, warn safety experts

UK scraps plans to buy thousands of BlueSky ventilators

Tech giants like Amazon ‘using coronavirus as obscene excuse to avoid new tax’

ALL of Facebook’s services go down for users across the US and Europe as thousands report being unable to load pictures, videos and newsfeeds

WhatsApp to impose new limit on forwarding to fight fake news

Russia sends gun-toting humanoid robot into space

Facebook launches ‘clear history’ tool – but it won’t delete anything

AI teaches itself to complete the Rubik’s cube in just 20 MOVES – and gets it spot on every single time

Robot defeats world’s top poker players in breakthrough for Artificial Intelligence

Amazon’s Alexa records private conversations

Amazon collects Alexa recordings of your most intimate moments – here’s how to listen to and delete them

Amazon staff listen to customers’ Alexa recordings, report says

Alexa IS listening to your conversations: Web giant ADMITS clips are analysed by Amazon workers – including your most intimate moments

Internet crackdown raises fears for free speech in Britain

Britain to have ‘toughest internet laws in world’ as Government backs duty of care

A historic attack on free speech: MICK HUME on the Orwellian ‘Online Harms’ law worthy of Putin and Kim that would leave media freedom in tatters