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Rise in rightwing extremists held under anti-terror laws in UK

Petition demanding bid to suspend Commons is halted rises to more than one million as protesters descend on Parliament

More than 1m people sign petition to stop proroguing of parliament

Over 1 million sign petition urging Boris Johnson not to suspend parliament

Petition calling for Boris Johnson to stop Parliament shutdown reaches a million

Brexit protest: Police guard Downing St gates as hundreds chant ‘no one voted for Boris’

Children in UK least happy they have been in a decade, says report

Children’s happiness in UK at lowest level for decade, charity finds

Archbishop of Canterbury says he is willing to chair ‘citizens’ Brexit’ meeting despite Tory attacks

NUJ highlights growing number of far-right attacks on journalists

Obsession with white working class fuels inequality in north, study warns

UK army combat units 40% below strength as recruitment plummets

Army recruitment crisis leaves frontline units up to 40 per cent below full strength

‘It was like witnessing something out of an apocalyptic film’: Furious Britons slam nation’s ‘creaking infrastructure’ after major power cuts cause ‘total and utter chaos’ across the country

Counter-terror chief Neil Basu says homegrown terrorism is caused by a lack of social mobility and British Muslims should not be forced to ‘assimilate’

Far-right protests ‘attracting biggest numbers since 1930s’ in UK amid Brexit anger, report warns

Councils refusing to reveal data of rough sleepers to Home Office

Home Office revoked tens of thousands of visas using ‘misleading, incomplete and unsafe’ evidence, official report reveals

UK slips in the global growth league with ‘poor trade performance, unreliable transport infrastructure and shoddy education’

Destitution on the rise, say frontline family support workers