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Almost one in four British children do not know what a refugee is, survey says

Personal care should be free for over-65s, says thinktank

Racism rising since Brexit vote, nationwide study reveals

Torture: Britain breaks law in Ministry of Defence secret policy

One in four northerners earn less than ‘real living wage’, says study

‘Cruel and inhumane’: Home Office threatens woman in coma with forcible deportation

Dutch court refuses extradition to UK’s ‘inhumane’ prisons

Dutch court blocks extradition of man to ‘inhumane’ UK prisons

Parents to protest in support of children’s climate strikes

Most depressed English communities ‘in north and Midlands’

Child mental health: UK provision ‘worse than in much of eastern Europe’

Mental health of pupils is ‘at crisis point’, teachers warn

Children as young as nine talk about suicide as mental health problems get worse, teachers warn

Girl, 13, has her fingernails RIPPED OFF by group of girls in ‘racist attack’ at Bristol funfair

Media are reluctant to label far-right attackers as terrorists, study says

Extremist admits planning to blow up London mosque in suspected revenge for Manchester bombing

UK poised to embrace authoritarianism, warns Hansard Society

Brexit-weary voters long for political strongman

Gender pay gap figures show eight in 10 UK firms pay men more than women

Tory Islamophobia row: 15 suspended councillors quietly reinstated