Month: August 2019 News

Boris Johnson is worried about damaging trust in politics – we all know the damage is him

Downing Street fool should listen to Major and Brown

Here in no-deal ops, we know vandalism when we see it. And this is it

Our wimpish leaders are bullied by activists

Tory Remainers are standing in the way of genuine democracy

Fear and loathing in No10: Dominic Cummings grilled Sajid Javid’s aide about her contacts with Remainers, then searched her phones and sacked her when he found ‘evidence’ of deceit

Our country works very well with no written constitution

Hong Kong protesters take to streets despite police ban

Hong Kong protesters ‘ready to fight red terror’

Corporations pile pressure on Brazil over Amazon fires

Children choke on smog blanket from Amazon forest fires

Waking the dragon: Inside the growing movement for Welsh independence

Tory civil war: Boris Johnson clashes with ‘furious’ Sajid Javid after key aide fired

Sajid Javid rows with Boris Johnson after second aide is sacked

‘Furious’ Sajid Javid confronts Boris Johnson over No10’s decision to sack senior aide – before insisting they have ‘fantastic relationship’

‘Livid’ Sajid Javid furiously confronts Boris Johnson over his sacked aide: Chancellor in furious row with PM after Brexit mastermind Dominic Cummings axed Treasury spad

Rebel Tory MPs will be AXED and deselected if they try and block no deal

Boris Johnson threatens to SACK Tory Remainer MPs who vote to block No Deal as plot to scupper Brexit intensifies

Thousands expected to join protests against Boris Johnson ‘coup’

Remoaner anti-prorogation protests to cause travel CHAOS across Britain in ‘mass uprising’