Posted on: September 22, 2019

Mother Earth, Father of Lies




Stories of the week 22 September



This week saw the largest Climate Strike so far with millions marching around the world to stop the rapid destruction of our planet.   As thousands are choking on smoke from the fires in the Amazon and Pacific islands are disappearing under rising sea levels, school children inspired by Greta Thunberg and adults inspired by Extinction Rebellion took to the streets in cities around the world.

This in a week that also saw proof that toxic air and micro-plastics are crossing through the placenta and affecting unborn children.

But in good news, American citizens are waking up to the Climate Emergency and in the UK 85% of adults are concerned by the Climate Crisis.  In the UK, Labour has pledged to plant a million trees on NHS property.




This week saw the culmination of the Supreme Court’s review of whether Boris Johnson acted unlawfully by misleading the Queen over the prorogation of Parliament.  Brexit and Tory press tried to push this as unelected judges standing in the way of the will of the people but they didn’t try too hard. All other press viewed this as a fight for democracy and freedom against a dictatorial executive.  The Supreme Court is expected to reveal its decision in the coming week but legal experts are expecting a shock for the Government. They say that the fact that the judges talked about potential remedies at length and also refused to announce their judgement with reasons to follow means that that are going to find against Boris Johnson, now a Prime Minister who misled the Queen.  In the summing up, Lord Pannick said the Mother of Parliaments had been silenced by Boris Johnson, the father of lies.

Boris Johnson came in for more public humiliation this week at the Mercury Music Prize ceremony when prize nominee rapper Slowthai performed brandishing a severed Boris Johnson head and encouraged the audience to sing ‘F Boris’.

The Liberal Democrats launched ‘the fight of our lives for the heart and soul of Britain’ as they pledged to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU without a referendum if they were in power.  The party led by Jo Swinson saw a wave of new support with their decision to remain.



This has not been a good week for Boris Johnson at all. He faced international humiliation as he refused to take part in a press conference because there UK protestors angry at his No Deal Brexit stance. Johnson had met the Prime Minister of Luxembourg who continued with the press conference and pointed repeatedly to an empty podium. More international embarrassment for the UK.

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