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Stories of the week 2nd June



It turns out the Brexit Party wasn’t the overall winner in the European Elections. The majority of voters supported Remain parties in the latest demonstration that Remain is the will of the people. In another strong example of how Brexit no longer is flavour of the month with voters, the Liberal Democrats have surged ahead in the polls leaving the Conservatives and Labour tied in third place behind the Brexit Party.

As the days tick past there is a growing argument in the Press about what awaits, a straight choice between No Deal and a 2nd Referendum.




Conservative Leadership candidate and favourite to become the next Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has been summoned to appear in court. A private case has been bought against him for repeatedly stating lies about the £350m pounds a week famously put on the side of the Leave Campaign bus.

The Conservative Party leadership race nearly really does have more chiefs than Indians with more and more riders joining the race. Most contenders are hard-line Brexiters promising to open up re-negotiations. Europe couldn’t have made a clearer response by splitting up their negotiating team and stating that negotiations were concluded and would not be re-opened under any circumstances.

The Leadership race has seen recent wounds remaining unable to heal as Tory grandees and Remainers warn against the political suicide of No Deal. The UK car manufacturing sector took another potentially mortal blow with production down 44.5% and the future of British Steel remains unknown.

This week saw the publication of yet another report pointing the finger at the UK and its Territories as the world’s greatest enablers of tax avoidance as the use of food banks continues to rise and record number of UK children are in poverty.




National Health

Record GP closures are up a staggering 700% under the Conservative Government as nearly a half a million people have been forced to find new surgeries or go without medical covers.

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