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Stories of the week 1st September



STOP THE COUP. That’s the headline this week. Boris Johnson and his unelected adviser Dominic Cummings have taken the idea of being unelected to extremes this week by deciding that MPs (those who have been elected) should not have a say on Brexit. In a pure attack on the UK democracy and the UK constitution Johnson has decided to close Parliament so he can push through the hard Brexiters dream of No Deal Brexit.


Johnson has dressed this up as Parliamentary business as usual disguising it under the need for a new Queen’s speech. It’s dubious that this is necessary as this is not a newly elected government. Additionally the length of the suspension is far longer than ever before. There was shock as a Tory minister actually told the truth and was caught on camera saying that the real reason was the reason everybody suspected – to push through Brexit and Johnson has been caught lying in public office yet again.


Following Johnson’s attack on democracy and his intent to push through No Deal, legal challenges against the Government have started in Northern Ireland, Scotland and also in England with cases being heard in the coming week.

The nation has risen up to protest against the attack on democracy with protests around the country and even in some European cities.  Some protesters carried umbrellas in support of the civil freedoms being fought for in Hong King where democratic protesters carry umbrellas. Protests will continue with many more being planned in the coming weeks including talk of a general strike.

Politicians from across all the other political parties are forming a ‘rebel alliance’ coming together to create an alternative parliament if Johnson succeeds in shutting Westminster down. There are two choices ahead. Stop No Deal and a vote of No Confidence to bring Johnson down and move towards a general election.



Fires continue to burn in the Amazon with politicians, corporations and fund managers bring pressure on Brazil to take significant and fast action before the lungs of the world disappear completely.

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