Posted on: May 26, 2019

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Stories of the week 26 May



#Deniedmyvote. After the illegality surrounding the original referendum, the UK was plunged into more illegal electioneering in the EU elections. Almost 2 million EU citizens with full rights to live in the UK were denied a vote breaking several Articles of the Treaty, UK expats in Europe were also denied a vote. The EU is considering launching an investigation on the potentially unsafe result.

In more dark news for British politics. Nigel Farage is being investigated by by the EU on failing to declare £450,000 of cash and benefits bestowed on the Brexit Party Leader by Arron Banks. Banks himself of course is guilty of illegal election activity at the Referendum.

The Brexit Party itself is to be investigated by the Electoral Commission over fake membership claims after someone joined the Party as Vladimir Putin.




As we head towards the end of May, it happened in front of very eyes. Theresa May gave up on her doomed deal this week and along with it she also gave up on being Prime Minister. Lacking any real support for her deal and the with the Conservative Party splintering into factions, May announced her resignation.

This sparked an immediate race for the top job with many Conservative MPs putting themselves forward as the leader to guide us through Brexit. In fact there seems to be nearly as many contenders as there are Tory MPs.  All with as much chance as May had of succeeding.

In yet more news connecting UK politics with illegality and immortality, the trial of Boris Johnson continues. Johnson is a favourite to win the Conservative Party leadership contest but he’s also on trial for lying and misleading the public. Welcome, future Prime Minister.



The United Nations tore into Conservative-led austerity. Branding it an ‘ideological project causing pain and misery’ and likening it to turning modern Britain into Victorian workhouses. The shame continues. These policies have condemned a whole generation to short, brutish lives with little opportunity to fulfil potential for the young. The Conservatives have deliberately made millions suffer and this is sending thousands of children into poverty.



Thousands of young people and school children went on climate strike around the world this week in more global Extinction Rebellion.  This was a call-to-action as ice is found to be melting even more rapidly than previously thought.  In some good news, Labour has pledged to put Climate Emergency on the school curriculum.

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