Posted on: June 30, 2019

Tory race becomes embarrassing




Top stories of the week 30 June




The effects of Brexit were brought into the cold light of day this week with the Bank of England warning there are financial consequences for any form of Brexit. According to reports, £1 trillion of assets and 7000 banking jobs have already moved to Europe.   Japan’s Foreign Minister warns that a No Deal Brexit will result in almost total collapse of the UK Car Manufacturing sector and certain relocation of Japanese firms into Europe.  In what couldn’t be more transparent, the new Vauxhall Astra will be built in the UK if No Deal is avoided, If not, it will be made elsewhere.

More surprising news this week. We are now a Remain nation as Tarde Union members voted overwhelmingly for a Second referendum and Peoples Vote on any Brexit deal.

Nigel Farage was slammed this week by the EU for a serious breach of EU Parliamentary rules when he failed to disclose almost £500,000 in gifts from Arron Banks. The EU Serious Crimes Agency is investigating along with the Metropolitan Police in what is clearly more deceit from the Brexit Party Leader.

Boris Johnson was accused by Guy Verhofstadt of ‘foreigner bashing’ amid claims the Tory leadership frontrunner has ‘learned NOTHING WHATSOEVER’ from the past two years of Brexit talks. Both Johnson and Hunt are making unrealistic Brexit promises that will not be fulfilled.




In the Conservative Party leadership race, Boris Johnson was accused by Jeremy Hunt of being a coward in a blistering attack as Johnson continued to dodge questions on the Carrie Symonds story.  Polls found that Scotland would vote for independence if Johnson becomes PM.   At the same time a group of Conservative MPs are plotting to bring Johnson down with a vote of no confidence if he becomes PM.  There is a growing distrust of Johnson as a candidate. Although Conservative Party members put him clearly ahead in the race, the country as a whole sees Hunt and Johnson as much more equal in terms of popularity.  Johnson also released so called ‘romantic’ photos of himself and Carrie Symonds which was met with disgust and ridicule from the Press. Generally, the Press said a vote for Boris was like voting for Alan Partridge or Katie Price.




A UN report this week highlighted the fact that the rule of law and human rights may not survive the climate emergency. At the same time the very contrasting views on climate action were announced by the Conservatives and Labour. The conservatives are considering raising VAT on solar batteries whilst the Labour Party is considering giving the Bank of England independent Climate Emergency powers.