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Stories of the week 25th August




The Press noted that Boris Johnson looked twitchy and nervous as he met Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron this week. Both European leaders ensured that Johnson was left in no doubt that he had 30 days to come up with a solution for Northern Ireland. It took Jonson less than 30 seconds to lie in a public statement. He was quickly corrected by Angela Merkel.

More news on the much-promised UK-US Trade Deal this week and most of it grim. It appears that not only will the UK suffer from potentially hazardous US food safety standards with delicacies like chlorinated chicken but also the US is eyeing up the NHS.  The same medicine costs 10 to 20 times more in the US than it currently does in the UK and people fear of a huge cost explosion for prescribed drugs.

A new video games ‘Brexit Royale’ will depict the population of the UK fighting each other to the death to survive in post Brexit Britain.




In true Star Wars style, a new ‘Rebel Alliance’ has formed to bring down the Johnson government’s and prevent No Deal.   Members from all parties including a large number of anti-Brexit Conservative MPs are launching a No Confidence vote and setting up an interim Government of National Unity while Johnson considers closing Parliament to push through his No Deal.  A striking example of Johnson’s abuse of power.

Boris Johnson was branded a known liar and was accused of adopting the same communication strategies as Putin.  His facebook chat ‘direct to the people’ is a deliberate ploy to avoid Press scrutiny and questioning in a direct copy of Putin use of the social media website. In the first broadcast, Johnson took less than 10 seconds to lie.



In more distressing news on the outcomes of the Conservative Party’s near decade long destruction of benefits, tens of thousands of children in the UK are growing up in diabolical conditions having been housed in shipping containers. Critics say this is the Government’s abject failure to address homelessness and poverty.



In appalling and devastating environmental news, the Amazon is on fire. France and Ireland threatened to block and EU Trade Deal with Brazil because of the Brazilian Government’s inaction in tackling the blaze.

Reports emerged this week stating that people will have to ditch cars for the UK to possibly meet its carbon zero targets by 2050. Not such a bad thing wouldn’t you agree?