Posted on: June 9, 2019

may the farce be with you



Stories of the week 9th June



The state visit of Donald Trump took place this week against the usual background of hypocrisy, fake news, demonstrations and controversy.  But according to the President himself, ‘the Queen had never enjoyed herself so much’ as she did during his visit.  Whilst Conservative Party Leadership hopefuls queued up to meet Trump along with Trump’s ‘good friend’ Nigel Farage, other politicians including Jeremy Corbyn and Sadiq Khan who came in for a barrage of tweets from the US leader, joined protestors to condemn the visit..

Fears for the influx of chlorinated chicken and other horrendous imports from the US as part of any post-Brexit trade deal were heightened this week. Both Trump and the US UK ambassador made statements on how the NHS was up for grabs in terms of any future trade negotiations. The uproar was immense and the subject was dropped. For now.

The Brexit Party was in the news this week for two big stories.  Much to the ire of Brexiter press, the Brexit Party lost the Peterborough election and the chance of getting the first Brexit Party MP into Westminster. Labour won the election with the Brexit Party coming second and the Conservatives a humiliating third.

Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage refused to appear before a European commission investigating why he had not declared almost half a million pounds given to him by long-time supporter Arron Banks, himself under investigation for electoral crimes.




In more disastrous Brexit news, Ford announced this week that it was closing its Welsh engine plant with a loss of 1700 jobs.  Adding to the concerns, Ford also said that a No-Deal Brexit would put a further 6,000 jobs on the line.

With UK economic data weakening all the time because of Brexit, growing sections of the Press asked have we learnt nothing from D-Day and the forces that are keeping Europe united are stronger than those trying to tear it apart. A message Brexiters just want to ignore.




In a shocking and chilling report this week, Humanity could end by 2050 from ecological collapse, disease pandemics, lethal heatwaves and even the threat of nuclear war. The case for more Extinction Rebellion on a global scale could not be stronger.

But there has been some climate good news this week. The Greta effect is making children push their parents to be greener. Theresa May has promised zero emissions in the UK by 2050 as public concern over environmental issues reaches a record high, although this can be rolled back by future PMs. The Danes rejected populism in their elections to focus on the climate emergency.

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